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Please note that all prices on this website are shown in Canadian Dollars <\/strong>(CAD). If you place an order from outside Canada, PayPal will adjust the final total using the current currency exchange rate and show the results on the checkout screen before your final approval of the payment.<\/p>

Canadian orders are shipped from Combermere, Ontario<\/p>" } }, "de7348b2-6f9b-4a36-b55a-9c0c52e04ae4": { "type": "question", "settings": { "title": "USA Customers", "text": "

Please shop on our U.S. website<\/a>to get correct pricing and shipping rates in United States Dollars (USD).<\/p>

U.S. and international orders are shipped from Ogdensburg, New York.<\/p>" } }, "d979e5f6-df4e-40d0-a63c-db2d3882e846": { "type": "question", "settings": { "title": "International Customers", "text": "

If you are ordering physical products to be shipped by post to a country other than Canada or the United States please be aware that international shipping rates will apply, depending on the country. We will send a PayPal invoice to you by e-mail for these additional postage charges prior to your order being shipped. If you have any concerns, please contact us<\/a>.<\/p>

U.S. and international orders are shipped from Ogdensburg, New York.<\/p>" } }, "2d5377b0-18ef-444c-88a0-29b7f212473a": { "type": "question", "settings": { "title": "Do you do bulk orders for bookstores?", "text": "

Our website is not capable of properly accepting bulk orders from book stores or other retail outlets. Please call us with your order<\/strong> so that we can apply the appropriate wholesale trade discounts. Our business office telephone number is 1-613-756-3728<\/strong> and our offices are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST. More ways to contact us<\/a>.<\/p>" } }, "165438fe-235d-4d7e-8814-65cf5794ce1c": { "type": "question", "settings": { "title": "What form of payment do you accept?", "text": "

Our online ordering system works through PayPal (the popular and trusted on-line payment service owned by the eBay company.) Transactions are secure using SSL, and private. Please note that signing up for a PayPal account is not <\/em>required to process your order; you may check-out directly with your credit card. The charge will appear on your credit card statement as “PAYPAL *MADONNAHOUS”.<\/p>" } }, "faq-3": { "type": "rich-text", "disabled": true, "settings": { "title": "Returns", "text": "", "align_text": "left" } }, "faq-4": { "type": "question", "disabled": true, "settings": { "title": "Frequently asked question", "text": "

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.<\/p>" } } }, "block_order": [ "faq-0", "faq-2", "de7348b2-6f9b-4a36-b55a-9c0c52e04ae4", "d979e5f6-df4e-40d0-a63c-db2d3882e846", "2d5377b0-18ef-444c-88a0-29b7f212473a", "165438fe-235d-4d7e-8814-65cf5794ce1c", "faq-3", "faq-4" ], "settings": { "title": "" } } }, "order": [ "main", "ce14c78a-28bf-4c70-af88-d87df5f0c8d0", "faq" ] }

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