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The Madonna House Catholic Newspaper, with articles by Madonna House Staff and friends.

Personal stories and reflections on the Gospel challenges of today

Restoration is the newspaper of Madonna House, the Catholic community founded by Catherine Doherty. Its goal, in her words, is to “foster the love of God, love for his Church, and the realization that man, if he continues to live without God in this mad and tragic world, will perish.”

We strive to achieve this goal with a colourful, down-to-earth array of reflections on the Gospel challenges of today, stories, Church teachings, spiritual reflections, personal witness and community news.

Restoration is drawn from the day-to-day life of our Madonna House Christian community. We don’t preach at you. We simply share with you our joys and struggles in trying to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ without compromise in today’s world.

If you would like to journey along with us, why not get a subscription to Restoration? Published ten times a year (monthly except June and August), it’s non-profit, and only $10 for a year’s subscription, world-wide.

Our Roots

Founded in 1947 by Catherine Doherty and her husband Eddie Doherty, Restoration has been in continuous publication for six decades with ecclesiastical approval from the diocese of Pembroke.

Servant of God Catherine Doherty was already well-known for her work with the poor and as a pioneer of social justice when she founded Restoration. A wife and mother, Catherine was also a bestselling author, a renowned national speaker, and foundress of the Madonna House Apostolate. Her cause for canonization as a saint is being considered by the Catholic Church.

In his earlier career as an ace newspaper reporter, Restoration co-founder Eddie Doherty was billed as “America’s Star Reporter,” and advertising billboards bragged that he was “America’s Highest Paid Reporter.” Eddie touched the hearts of thousands with his gifted reporter’s flair for words. A father who suffered the tragic deaths of two wives, Eddie later grew determined to help others grasp how even this world’s harshest sorrows can be resplendent with Christ’s light.

Today, Madonna House staff and friends continue on the same path blazed by Restoration’s founders.


“What is so unique about Restoration is the way the writers express their personal experiences about their journey to God. So many religious publications are head trips, but Restoration is full of heart… In it we find the authentic teachings of the Church not preached but lived by a community truly in love with Jesus.”

“I have been reading Restoration for over 20 years. I read every word of it, and I always have. It’s simple. It teaches without preaching. I never get tired of it because every article seems so real and from the heart. It’s not about our faith; it’s our faith lived out… It’s beautiful because it never strays from the teaching of our beloved Church, but it also doesn’t harangue or complain about ‘how bad it is out there.’”

“The personal stories, articles about the Catholic faith, especially those from Catherine Doherty, profoundly touch me to the core of my being.”

“Even though so much that is negative is going on, Restoration is so positive. It reminds me that God is love and that there are people following God’s teachings… I like so much about Restoration that I hardly ever get rid of an issue. I have cut out some articles and saved them for many years.”

“I appreciate Restoration so much. I so admire the way you all bear witness to your faith. You are true apostles! This last issue was truly breath-taking! I found myself sobbing and weeping with joy. I wish I could get the whole world to read it.”

“All the suffering in the world and just in life can be overwhelming at times, but the peace of God really comes through in Restoration and encourages me.”

“I have perused the first number of Restoration and I offer you my congratulations and my blessing, that the mustard seed you are planting in Combermere may grow up into a great and flourishing tree…. I recommend, without hesitation, to the clergy, religious communities, and the faithful of Pembroke diocese, your timely publication, and I pray the Holy Spirit to guide your pen in placing before our Christian people here and elsewhere the true social and economic principles upon which rests the brotherhood of man under the Fatherhood of God.” — Most Rev. William J. Smith, Bishop of Pembroke, in a letter to Catherine Doherty

$10 per year — 10 issues — 8 pages — Newspaper, 11.25″ x 16″ — ISSN 0708-2177


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