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Mystical Body of Christ: Family of God, the Church

Mystical Body of Christ: Family of God, the Church

Love for the Church flows through this warm, lively, affirming, and mature vision of Christ's Mystical Body, backed up by the witness of Catherine Doherty's life.


Presents a living awareness of the Church as Christ’s Mystical Body and looks at how He continues to live in the Church and heal it

“A river of love courses through God’s family and binds us ever closer together…

“Can you for a moment imagine what it is, what happens when a little baby (or an adult) is baptized? That ‘little shaver’, aged three days or a week, has become a full-fledged member of the Mystical Body of Christ—in himself a mystery. Baptism brings you into Christ’s heart, his Church, there to feed you with himself in the form of bread and wine.

“To think that I, Catherine, am part of Christ—not just a follower, not just a disciple, not just someone who stands near Christ as Peter stood. No. I am one with Christ! Do we realize that? Do we realize what a tremendous power we have, that Christ has literally handed his Body, the Church, to us? Will it grow? Will it be crippled? Will it be well? A big part of that depends on you and me.

“God is purifying all of us, so that we might help the Church.

“We are in a new era of witnessing to Christ, of evangelization. To me this is simply God entering ever deeper into our Godless society. …We need to speak as, act as, and imitate Jesus Christ.”

“I love the Church with just as passionate a love as I love God. You cannot love Jesus Christ without loving his Church.”

A compelling answer to the state of the Church and the world today.

 Extend the graces of the Year of Faith in your life by reflecting on topics in this small book!

Chapter headings include:

  •  A communion of persons
  •  Mystery of Christ’s presence
  •  Fire and sign of God’s love on earth
  •  Liturgy—as source and well-spring
  •  Priesthood of laity—self-offering
  •  Family, hearth of love and ‘domestic church’
  •  Evangelization—good news as gift
  •  Mary, womb of discipleship and surrender
  •  Humble, servant authority
  •  Responding to the humiliation of the Church



“Provocative, inspiring, inspiriting, and motivational for the current times and future. A must-read for all communitarians and church community-oriented persons.” — Ernest C. Lisi

“Having a little free time, I picked up Mystical Body of Christ. I was captivated!” — Carol Ann Gieske


About the author Catherine Doherty

115 pages – 4¼ x 7” – 1st ed., Madonna House Publications, 2013

EPUB and Mobipocket formats. (Please note — after payment, you will receive an e-mail with a download link for a .zip file containing the eBook in two standard formats: an .epub file and a .mobi file. We are unable to offer technical support for the use of eBooks, so please be sure you know how to install and use the files on your eBook reader before purchasing.) DRM-free.


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