On the Cross of Rejection
On the Cross of Rejection

On the Cross of Rejection

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Meditations—when your heart is pierced.

Catherine Doherty knew rejection all her life. Without ever minimizing the reality of the pain, she came to understand it as a path towards union with Christ on the Cross.

“Perhaps it is in atonement for a world that rejects [Christ]? … It is not for me to know why. For me, it is to accept with a mind that understands the agony involved, with a heart smashed by its impact, yet loving, forgiving, and praying constantly for those who reject and eject me out of their lives, hearts, souls, and minds. … But,” she adds, “It still hurts.”

Publisher: Madonna House Publications

Year Published: 2003

SKU: 9780921440918

ISBN: 978-0-921440-91-8

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Pages: 112 pages

“Our experience of being rejected by others is tied to Christ’s denial by his own, but through it we are invited to share in his glory. These simple, personal meditations will help us not only to stand at the door of these mysteries of life, but also to enter into their deepest meaning.” — Messenger Book Notices

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