Living the Gospel Without Compromise
Living The Gospel Without Compromise

Living The Gospel Without Compromise

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“God calls each one of us who calls himself a Christian. He calls us directly. There is no compromise in his call: ‘Whoever is not with me is against me. … If you love me, keep my commandments.’”

First published in 1976, this hard-hitting book continues to speak to the concerns of today: danger, insecurity, the rapid changes in the world, the culture of death, sin, our need for dignity, healing, unity, Christian culture, the culture of life. Catherine shows us that ordinary Christianity consists in following Jesus by laying down our lives for others. She insists that before I can change the world, I must change myself. The key to healing the world is to live the gospel—without compromise.

French: l’Évangile sans transiger

Publisher: Madonna House Publications

Year Published: 2002

SKU: 9780921440864

ISBN: 978-0-921440-86-4

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Pages: 160 pages

“There is no watering down of the gospel’s revolutionary message. An almost terrible urgency characterizes this book: the time is now to choose between the death to self, the opening of our hearts to Christ’s life and to people, and the death of our souls from loneliness, fear and the ‘deifications of man.’… in her vigorous and incisive expression of these truths of the gospel, they take on new meanings, greater clarity and depth…. It is the author’s singular ability to make one confront oneself…that gives the book its power.” — Maureen Gorman, St. Anthony Messenger

“An excellent book to pick up and read a few pages at a time. Each chapter… suggests some matter for spiritual reflection…. Everyone striving to live a truly Christian life will benefit from The Gospel Without Compromise.” — Father Daniel A. Hurley, O.F.M., M.A., The Cord

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