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Nazareth Family Spirituality

Celebrating your Faith at Home with Catherine Doherty, compiled & edited by Fr. Blair Bernard.

Meditations and Seasonal Traditions for the entire Church Year—for Families

“In Nazareth God came to us in ordinary life…in Nazareth we learn to connect details of our ordinary family life with love who is God,” taught Madonna House Foundress Catherine Doherty. In Nazareth-based meditations such as “The Spirit of Nazareth: Community of Love”, “Combating a Secular Culture”, and “Becoming a Prayer” she demonstrates how family life can be a pathway to God.

Catherine also meditates on the vocation of marriage and family in chatty chapters such as “May I come into your kitchen?” where she will go over a checklist of the basic religious practices essential to the soul of any Catholic home.

With children, one effective way to communicate Faith is by “celebrating” it through liturgy and customs relating to the various feasts and seasons. Here the unique cycle of para-liturgical traditions for the entire Church Year, as celebrated by the Madonna House family is presented for adaptation in your home. Gathered from the Christian East and West, these seasonal traditions include “Celebrating our Faith with Food”, “Advent: Bells, Donkeys & Wreathes”, “Blessing of door lintels on Epiphany”, “Holy Thursday’s Supper of the Lamb”, and dozens more.

Profoundly insightful meditations on suffering united with Christ and on unity with the Trinity in marriage.


“I feel the book is a must-have for any Catholic couple living within their own Sobornost or Trinity of Persons and desiring to bring each other, and their children, to Christ. Around the corners of every page are anecdotes, deeply practical thoughts, and answers to questions about every facet of family life you can imagine. Particularly interesting to me was the section dedicated to handing on the Faith through celebration. Within this section are concrete ways to bring the liturgical year to life within the home. Catherine recalls the rich customs and traditions she had growing up in Russia, and adds customs from everywhere else… Yet there is not only practical wisdom within Nazareth Family Spirituality, but also a goldmine of spiritual and psychological wisdom… it would be a fantastic wedding gift for a couple just starting to build their own set of traditions and customs. My new copy already looks old—it has been dog-eared and underlined and it will be well used in the coming years.” — Sarah Gould, Catholic Insight

“The friendly, conversational tone of Nazareth Family Spirituality draws you in to experience the heart of Nazareth, and it gives you the feeling that Catherine is alongside you offering encouragement and love. Nazareth is a place where growth in holiness and love of God through ordinary everyday life can transpire. And Catherine connects the various aspects of Nazareth to modern Catholic family life.
“These reflections can be an inspiration to young couples as well as to those who have been married for many years. This book can also be a resource for study for them, individually or in a group.
“My own adult faith life has been profoundly formed by the words of Catherine Doherty. When I was a young wife and mother trying to live out my vocation, her words sang in my heart. Her winsome way of putting things—even deep spiritual truths—gave great encouragement to me as I sought to live “the duty of the moment” and grow in my understanding of Nazareth.
“In this book, the traditions from Madonna House are presented in such a way that they can be easily adapted to Catholic homes, and over the years, our family has followed many of these customs. Through such things as food and decorations, these customs have brought to life the richness of the faith. Nazareth Family Spirituality presents a way of passing on the faith that is accessible and vibrant.” — Suzanne Atkinson, Ecclesia

About the author Catherine Doherty

200 pages — 5½” x 8¼” — 1st ed., Madonna House Publications, 2013 — Compiled & edited by Fr. Blair Bernard

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