A Hermit Without a Permit

A Hermit Without a Permit

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β€œHow did Eddie Doherty manage to blend profound truth with such lightness of heart?” asks his editor and Madonna House brother priest, Fr. Robert Wild. β€œI decided it was this: he trusted completely his humanity as a way to God. … Fr. Eddie was serious about his life with God. At the same time, no one was more insistent that everything that God made was very good, and that we could come to God in and through all the gifts of creation. Whether it was humour, food, kissing the girls, the beauties of nature, good times with his friends, Fr. Eddie never thought of going beyond them to God but somehow through them.”

Publisher: Dimension Books

Year Published: 1977

SKU: 9781897145821

ISBN: 978-1-897145-82-1

Pages: 256 pages

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