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Dear Father: A Message of Love for Priests

Will challenge, encourage, reassure and inspire any priest or aspiring priest. Also perfect for seminarians or laypeople who want to develop a deeper understanding of the priesthood.

A new, expanded edition of Catherine’s popular classic!

“I wish I could tell every priest that I share his pain and joy, whatever it may be, because I love the priesthood passionately.

“No one is more relevant today than a priest who understands his role as the servant of the Word; as one who can give us God under the form of bread and wine.

“We long to hear your voices echoing the call of the one Shepherd you represent so tangibly for us. We need to hear your voices clearly and we need to hear them now… You are the most important people in the Church today.”

Are you a priest searching for clear answers to questions about the meaning of the priesthood, or a layman — or seminarian — considering becoming a priest?

Or are you a layperson seeking better awareness and appreciation of God’s gifts to the Church in and through his priests?

Dear Father: A Message of Love for Priests is the book for you. To read yourself or to give as a gift to challenge, encourage, reassure, inspire any priest or aspiring priest, or layperson in relationship with priests.

This new edition of Catherine’s classic book has been expanded, and features five new chapters, including: The Call to Priesthood, Anointed Teachers, Our Lady Mother of the Priesthood, Priesthood and Loneliness, A Life Offered for Priests.


“Catherine’s love for the priesthood radiates through her writings…. Her growing awareness of the powerful grace of priesthood and its clear identity in Christ are so necessary for priests and for the world today. In these days, we are acutely aware of the humanity of our priests, as indeed Catherine was; but her words suggest that she saw more deeply into the tremendous grace that is priesthood. I encourage everyone to read her book, especially priests.” — Father Stephen J. Rossetti, Ph.D., D.Min., President, St. Luke Institute

“I have given copies to various priests and all have commented on some aspect of the book which they felt was written especially for them. Dear Father says what most of us hesitate to say to our pastors—a message of love and affirmation and the guarantee of our prayers and understanding.” — Marikay Falby, Prairie Messenger

“I really loved Dear Father! Through the years I reflected on Catherine’s loving and powerful message to Catholic priests, for whom she had a deep respect and love. I am anxious to share Dear Father with priests and future priests!” — Bishop Paul V. Dudley

“I have read your love letter, Dear Father, in one sitting. You know, my first mission as a newly ordained priest was hard. I really felt I had nothing. Complete emptiness…. I was desperate but said, ‘Lord, you are the source of your priest’s life and strength. Give me what you think I need.’ Dear Father was his answer!” — a letter to Catherine from a priest in Africa

About the author Catherine Doherty

138 pages — Trade Paperback, 5.5″ x 8.25″ — 3rd ed., Madonna House Publications, 2001 — ISBN 978-0-921440-76-5 — Also available in French.

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