Getting to Know God

Getting to Know God

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Eddie Doherty had been a reporter, a writer, and a rogue—and when he made up his mind to please God, he threw himself into the task with his usual verve and good humour.

When you read his Getting to Know God, chances are that you’ll be instantly caught up in his divine enthusiasm. His infectious trust in God—and his ability to see His loving hand everywhere—will show you the way to live your everyday life with new familiarty with God.

In the course of these fifty brief and light-hearted chapters, Eddie touches on more than a few utterly serious matters: persecution, humility, love, marriage, death, sacrifice, and more. He reveals the heroic extent of some of the sacrifices he and his wife, Catherine, made for the pure love of Jesus. Throughout he displays a refreshingly joyful love for God.

In the roaring twenties, Eddie was a nationally known reporter who covered everyone from Charles Lindbergh to Al Capone. In middle age he married Baroness Catherine de Hueck, who had founded a Catholic apostolate to minister to the poor. Soon he was transformed by her spiritual energy.

His high-spirited friendship with God brightens every page of Getting to Know God. Frequently funny, often offbeat, and sometimes downright silly, Eddie’s thoughts are always invested with a deep and uncompromising love for God. They’re guaranteed to move you to praise and thank God in ways you never have before! Pick up Getting to Know God and be prepared to find God everywhere—even in eels, belly buttons, and jigsaw puzzles! Eddie Doherty will teach you to see your Saviour in all things and to praise Him with new and heartfelt joy.

Publisher: Madonna House Publications

Year Published: 1998.0

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ISBN: 978-0-921440-47-2

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Pages: 145 pages

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