Madonna House Wall Calendar
Madonna House Wall Calendar

Madonna House Wall Calendar

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2025 Edition: Written in Beauty - featuring artwork by Madonna House artists

Calligraphy, originating from the Greek kallos, which means “beauty”, and graphe—“to write”—is the theme of this year’s Madonna House calendar. Since ancient times, the art of calligraphy has played a formative role in many cultures, languages and religions.

Madonna House members, whose work is featured in this calendar, reflect on how calligraphy captured them from their earliest years. May these expressions of written beauty, honoring the Word made flesh, bring joy to your heart as well.

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Product Size: 11″ x 17″ when open

Pages: 13 pages

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Madonna House

We are a Catholic community of laymen, women, and priests who bear witness to the merciful love of God revealed in Christ Jesus.

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