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Madonna House Wall Calendar

Madonna House Wall Calendar

  • $1595

2017 edition: featuring original paintings by Donna Surprenant


Wall Calendar including Sundays, Feast Days and Memorials for Canada and the U.S.A.


Tools of an Art

This collection of still life and portrait paintings by Madonna House staff worker Donna Surprenant (July 21, 1953 – February 6, 2009) is gathered under the heading, “Tools of an Art.”

Donna was keenly perceptive of the transcendental qualities of God's creation—the emergence of light from shadow, peacefully organized objects, a brother or sister caught up in the duty of the moment—and strove to communicate these scenes of truth, beauty and goodness through her artwork. Donna depicted the particular tools of her art as oil paints, tape and brushes (see the February spread). In the settings of Donna’s paintings, the tools used to create a work of art are as varied as fresh produce from the fields, a healing bottle of olive oil on a sunny windowsill, needle and thread in the hands of a woman mending clothes. The ordinary scenes she captured double as windows to a greater reality beyond what merely meets the eye. A table set with bread and wine portrays the emergence of light from shadow while a deeper part of the soul is reminded of eternal Bread and Wine enthroned upon a Table. Art reflects the beauty of creation and creation itself proclaims the glory of God.


11″ x 17″ when open — 12 pages


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