Not Without Parables
Not Without Parables

Not Without Parables

Stories of Yesterday, Today and Eternity

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A born storyteller, Catherine Doherty used stories to help her listeners glimpse the deep truths about life and the mysterious presence of God in events and persons.

The “Pilgrim Stories” are set around the fireside of Catherine’s childhood home in pre-Revolutionary Russia, where the family listened spellbound to the pilgrims to whom they offered hospitality on their journeys across Russia in search of God. [These] “stories are true in that their message is true,” she tells us. The “Blue Door Stories” are based on actual incidents from her apostolic life in the Friendship Houses of Toronto and Harlem and in Madonna House. The “How Stories” of Part Three, fruits of Catherine’s powerful imagination, are parables about the eternal truths of the spiritual life.

Publisher: Madonna House Publications

Year Published: 2007

Edition: 2nd Rev. ed.

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ISBN: 978-0-921440-95-6

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Pages: 174 pages

“Catherine Doherty is a master storyteller; the reader glimpses the richness of Eastern thought and expression. Though the characters and settings vary, the mysterious presence of God is always felt. These stories help us to view our own lives with deeper faith and to see the divine spark shining just beneath the surface. They gently urge us to look anew at the people and events we encounter every day.” — Ave Maria Press

“A book that deserves a place in every parish library.” — The Priest

“Dramas of faith, of conversions, of miracles… A modern spiritual classic.” — Spiritual Book News

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