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Our Lady of Combermere

Our Lady of Combermere

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The story of Our Lady of Combermere, and of true devotion to Mary.

The story of Our Lady of Combermere, and of true devotion to Mary

Physically, “Our Lady of Combermere” is a life-sized bronze statue of the Mother of God. Approved by the Sacred Congregation of Rites in Rome, and blessed by the local Bishop, the public shrine for Our Lady of Combermere was created in a humble little grove near the highway in rural Combermere, Ontario, Canada.

But spiritually, Our Lady of Combermere hastens with arms open wide to welcome and embrace every human soul, and to bring them closer to her Son, Jesus Christ.

Featuring writings from both Catherine and Eddie Doherty, this informative booklet will illumine for you her influence on the lives of Catherine and Eddie, and the life of the Madonna House Apostolate. With photographs, and thoughts on St. Louis de Montfort’s “true devotion” to Jesus through Mary, you too can discover what it is to be drawn closer into Our Lady’s loving embrace, and into the heart of her Son.

Includes the poem, song, prayer and litany to Our Lady of Combermere, and contributions from Bishop William Smith, Father Gene Cullinane and Father Émile Brière.

Many who read this booklet of Our Lady of Combermere will never come to Combermere, Ontario. Yet Our Lady of Combermere belongs to you and you belong to her. She is searching for you—running to you with open arms, offering herself to you as your mother. No one is beyond her search, no one too hopeless or isolated, no one too abandoned as not to be found and cared for by the Mother of God, Our Lady of Combermere.
Once she has you in her embrace, she carries you to Nazareth and bring you into her own family—into a closer relationship with her Son, Jesus.
There, in Nazareth, she will show you slowly, day by day, the mysteries of God; not from the outside but from within, as she lived them and as you will live them.

48 pages — Booklet, 3.75″ x 8.25″ (with photos) — Madonna House Publications, 1999


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