Holy Fools

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To live a Gospel-centered life in this secular age is to become like the uródivoi, as the holy fools of Catherine’s Russian childhood were called. Striving to love our enemies, to befriend the lowly, to embrace rejection, to forgive others and speak God’s truth, we too, inevitably, become fools for Christ.

In this prophetic book, Catherine Doherty once again brings forth traditions of Russian Christianity in response to the spiritual needs of the Western world.

French: Urodivoi: fous pour le Christ

Publisher: Madonna House Publications

Year Published: 2001

Edition: 3rd ed.

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ISBN: 978-0-921440-34-5

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Pages: 96 pages

“A dictionary tells us that a fool is a person who is imprudent and acts unwisely. Catherine claims that the holy fool is just the opposite—both wise and prudent—and something else, free. When a culture follows the ways of the world, the result is neither wise nor prudent. God has granted to both prophets and holy fools a vocation, a charism of folly, for such prophetic speech and action. The mission of the Urodivoi is to reproach us for our failure to live the gospel and to guide the baptized ones to building the civilization of God.” –Very Rev. Thomas A. Baima, Provost, University of St. Mary of the Lake

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