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A Biography of St. Louis de Montfort

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To write the story of de Montfort’s life, Eddie Doherty made a pilgrimage to the places where St. Louis had lived in France. But Eddie’s pilgrimage was spiritual as well as geographical, As he went from place to place, he absorbed the spirit of the man he was writing about. He brought back with him the heart of Louis de Montfort, the heart of a strong man who understood that if he wanted to know God, he had to go to him through Mary his Mother. Because, as Eddie put it so very simply, since God the Father brought forth his Son through Mary, it was only natural that we should go to him through her.

Publisher: Montfort Publications

Year Published: 2016

SKU: 9780910984362

ISBN: 978-0-910984-36-2

Product Size: 6″ x 9″

Pages: 227 pages

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